Que signifie Grand-Pré pour vous?

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Dites-nous, qu'est-ce que Grand-Pré signifie pour vous?

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- When I am here it feels very special, a link with my past. - Judy

- I’ve traced my lineage and found my family was not deported by the English… We hid in the woods!!! and lived with the Natives. - Willis

- Grand Pré has become part of our tradition as we moved here 30 years ago and my uncle is French Acadian from the Guysbrough area and really enjoys the connection to his French heritage… - Dennis

- Grand Pré is a part of my cultural Heritage, where my ancestors came from. - Anonymous

- Un Lieu de Pélérinace, qui fait pleurer meme ceux et celles oui ne sont pas Acadien(ne)s. - Pol

- A very beautiful and spiritual place to be! - Cherye Phillijes

- Beautiful, peaceful place our history. - Nera

- Home of L’acadia…Is a joy to be free here.

- Grand Pré was the home of my ancestors. I come here every year to meet people who still speak the old language.

- As a Nova Scotian of many backgrounds including Swiss, French and German, Grand Pré is a part of our soul and essence of our heritage. - Jim Hall

- Grand Pré to me signifies the roots of the Acadian culture. My great great-grandfather lived in this area and was lucky or smart enough to escape deportation by fleeing to Cape Breton. Grand Pré is the soil they walked on. - Ken Benoit

- Grand Pré is a wonderful landscape evocative of its amazing history as a transformed from the waters of the Bay of Fundy into a unique agricultural area. Grand Pré means a history of the Acadians who transformed the marine environment, and those who came later the New England Planters who preserved and expanded the unique landscape pattern.

- Grand Pré is home to us. We love it, people are great and the weather is great also. - Donna

- Being a descendant of the Acadian people means that Grand Pré is the only place left that we can truly call home as a complete group. Acadians have been spread throughout the world and a need for one special place is indeed required as a symbol of unity and prosperity. This is the first recorded generation of a people in Canada. Although we can forget the past we must always remember the hardship and work that our for fathers have accomplished. Grand Pré is significant in showing how a people with determination cultivated a land with beautiful harvest both in food and grand people. - Jean - Paul Surette

- Grand-Pré ... le lieu de mes ancêtres acadiens qui vivaient dans cette région durant les décennies précédant le grand Dérangement. Vivant à peu près 250 km de Grand-Pré, j'y suis cependant beaucoup attaché. - g

- Comme artiste multidisciplinaire, j’aime promouvoir, contribuer et générer une réflexion sur l’histoire de notre peuple acadien. J’ai toujours ressentis un sentiment d’appartenance à notre culture très riche et unique depuis ma découverte de Grand-Pré. - Monette Léger

- A beautiful place so steeped in history of bitterness and strife that should never be forgotten. UNESCO designation will keep the village as an historical place while residents live within a quiet farming community treasuring the past and embracing its future.
- Hughanne (king) Hennigar

- My home is up the street from the park and this park was my playground. My father was a gardener at the park for forty years as were his brothers. This is god’s pasture.

- Whenever I visit Grand-Pré, I am struck by the beauty of the place. At the same time, as a citizen of Canada, I cannot forget the terrible human tragedy that took place there. I am glad it exists to bring people together to remember the past. - Derek Allerton

- I am a direct descendant of Acadian farmers who lived and cultivated the very lands being submitted for UNESCO designation. Grand-Pré symbolizes to me and to all true Acadians the living past of a peaceful people unjustly and cruelly expropriated. - Acadian